Structure 1

Thai structure is simple, Thai Verbs do not change tenses, as in English.  

For basic structure is similar to english.

 Subject + Verb + Object  

If words aren't needed in a sentense, they are usually omitted, this makes speaking Thai easier BUT! harder to understand for others.
and for Thai structure.
1. Adjectives always follow the noun that they describe. 
2. Adverbs always appear at the end of the sentence.
3. Singular and plural nouns don't change their form either.
4. Adjectives always NOT follow verb to be.

 Basic word order in Thai is simply subject + verb (+ object) as in English. 


  • As an alternative if you just expect a yes or no as answer you can just form a sentence and add “mái(ไหม )” to the end. This is similar to making a statement and then asking “isn’...

  • Usually the position of Thai question words fixed at the end of a sentence " Statement ( subject + verb + object ) ... + Question word?but the question When?? เมื่อไหร่ mêua rài ...
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