Tenses in Thai


Past Tense in Thai If you want to indicate you did something in the past name a certain point in the past in your sentences.

He/She ate mango yesterday – เขา กิน มะม่วง เมื่อวานนี้ – kháo gin  má-mûang  mêua waan níi

Present Progressive If you want to indicate something is going on right now you use the word “gam-lang (กำลัง)” in front of the verb in your sentence

He/She is eating mango – เขา กำลัง กิน มะม่วง – kháo gam-lang gin má-mûang

Present Perfect Progressive A common way of expressing that an action is completed is by adding “láew (แล้ว)” at the end of a sentence

He/She has been eaten mango – เขา กิน มะม่วง แล้ว – kháo gin má-mûang láew

Future If you refer to an action that will happen in the future use the word “jà (จะ)” right before the verb in your sentence.

He/She will eat mango – เขา จะ กิน มะม่วง – kháo jà gin má-mûang



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