The naga fireballs

The naga fireballs บั้งไฟพญานาค bângfāi pháyā nâk also known as the Mekong lights.
Are the fireballs floating from the (แม่โขง) Mekhong, a supernatural occurrence made by naga (พญานาค) in order to pay homage to Buddha, a hoax or a natural phenomenon?


Thousands of people are attracted to one particular place in Nong Khai, a northeastern province on the bank of the Mekhong River. The attraction is an unexplained phenomenon, 'naga fireballs', which are ruby-pink fireballs floating up from the Mekhong every year on the very same day - the full moon day of the eleventh lunar month. 
Many investigations and researches have been carried out to prove whether the cause was natural, supernatural, or man-made. So far, no conclusion has been reached. There are still many more complicated factors to look into.



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