Thai vocabulary today "ด้วย" dûay and " เหมือนกัน" mĕuan gan 

"ด้วย" dûay means also,as well, too
" เหมือนกัน" mĕuan gan means also , as well, too

Same using when we wanna say : ............ too, also, as well 
and both are "at the end of the sentence" 
For example : This one is also delicious . ( This one is delicious too, or This one is delicious as well. ) 
in Thai :an-née ( this one) a-ròi (delicious) dûay OR
an-née ( this one) a-ròi (delicious) mĕuan gan

Different using : " เหมือนกัน" mĕuan gan used in "comparison pattern" ...the same as....

For example " She has the name same as me. 
In Thai : kăo (She/he) mii (have/has) chêu (name) mĕuan gan (same) gàp (with) chăn (me) 



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