Using "ได้" dâi in 3 meanings. 

1. ได้ dâi = can, be able to..., possible to..
** it comes at the end of the sentence**
You can sit here - คุณนั่งที่นี่ได้ - Khun nâng (to sit) têe-nêe (here) dâi (can)
You can not sit here - คุณนั่งที่นี่ไม่ได้ - 
Khun nâng (to sit) têe-nêe (here) mâi dâi (can not)

2. ได้ dâi = to get, to receive
*** it is after the subject.*** 
I get a job. ผมได้งาน pŏm dâi ngaan (job)

3. ไม่ได้ mâi dâi = did not "negative past tense" (ONLY)
*** Subject + mâi dâi + verb ***
I did not go ผมไม่ได้ไป pŏm mâi dâi bpai.











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