Useful Pattern


1. Useful Thai sentence  : ขอบคุณที่ช่วย "kòp kun têe chûay" - Thank you for your help!

chûay "ช่วย" means to help when it is after the subject but if it starts sentence = Asking for help.                               

Pattern : chûay + verb + nòi = Could you please.verb..? 

See in this vdo!




 2. Useful Thai sentence  : Tăew né me hông náam măi? แถวนี้มีห้องน้ำไหม                                                                - Is there a bathroom around here? / "แถวนี้ tăew neé" = around here/in this area.                                                                    

You can use this pattern for asking Is there a ....... around here? Tăew né mii ............ măi?


3. USEFUL THAI SENTENCE   : How do I......? = .. S+V+(o)... yang-ngai? (ยังไง)                                                                              

For example - How do I pay? chan/phom jàai yang-ngai? ฉันจ่ายยังไง How do you use it?                               Khun chái (man) yang ngai? คุณใช้(มัน)ยังไง


4. Useful Thai vocabulary today : แพ้ páe = be defeated (by someone), lose (to someone) and also means "be allergic to..." Example "ผมแพ้กุ้ง pŏm páe 

gûng" = I am allergic to shrimp.

5. USEFUL THAI PATTERN TODAY : chăn/pŏm jà hăa.......... dâai têenăi? ฉัน/ผม จะหา...........ได้ที่ไหน? Where can I find....? 

chăn/pŏm - I 

jà จะ- will/going to

hăa หา- to find/look for 

dâai ได้ - can

têenăi ที่ไหน- Where? 

For example : How can I find a good job? --> chăn/pŏm jà hăa ngaan dii dii dâai têenăi? ฉัน/ผม จะหางานดีดีได้ที่ไหน



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