The most famous festival



Where would you like to go for Songkran? 


1. Bangkok Grand Songkran Festival


The Buddha image "Buddhasihing" is brought out from the National Museum for people to sprinkle lustral water at Sanam Luang, opposite the Grand Palace. There are also art and cultural performances, demonstration of Songkran in the 4 regions, demonstrations of Thai traditional cooking and paying homage at nine sacred temples which is the highlight activity of this event. 

2.  Chiang Mai Songkran Festival
There are many activities during this famous event, for example, the procession and bathing of Phra Phutta Sihing, riding a Kang Chong (A northern vehicle), carrying sand to the temple and cultural performance. The tourists also enjoy the fun splashing of water around the moat of Chiang Mai which is very famous and popular for both Thais and foreigners. 
3. Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Songkran Festival
he activities include offering food to monks in front of Wihan Phra Mongkhon Bophit, releasing of birds and fish, and pouring scented water on the hands of elders to receive their blessing. Enjoy with water splashing with elephants. Experience the culture of the ethnic Mon people and offer alms in accordance with the Mon tradition together with bathing the Buddha image by pouring water through a bamboo gutter.
4. Songkran On The Beach
There are the procession of Phra Phutta Sihing around Patong beach, floral parade, cultural performance and Songkran beauty contest. Along the beach during the event, people will be fun with splashing of water each other.



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