Making Question


As an alternative if you just expect a yes or no as answer you can just form a sentence and add “mái(ไหม )” to the end. This is similar to making a statement and then asking “isn’t it?”


Is the water cool? – น้ำ เย็น ไหม – náam yen mái

If you want to say “aren’t you” just use “châi-mái ” ?

You are from Canada, aren’t you? – คุณ มา จาก แคนาดา ใช่ไหม – khun maa jàak khâe-naa-daa châi-mái?


  • Usually the position of Thai question words fixed at the end of a sentence " Statement ( subject + verb + object ) ... + Question word?but the question When?? เมื่อไหร่ mêua rài ...
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