May I..?  Could you...?


Use “khăw ขอ” and “nàwy หน่อย” to ask for something.

If you ask for something use the word “khăw ขอ” you can make it more polite by adding “nàwy หน่อย” at the end of the sentence


Can I have some water? ขอ น้ำ หน่อย  khăw náam nàwy

Use “chûay ช่วย” and “chern เชิญ” to ask people to do something


 Use “chûay ช่วย” if you ask someone to do something and “chern เชิญ” to invite someone to do something. “chern” is similar to “please” in this context and more polite.


  Please close the window (chûay) 

 ช่วย ปิด หน้าต่าง 

 chûay pìt nâa tàang


 Please sit down     

 (chern)  เชิญ นั่ง chern nâng



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