pagati and thammadaa

pagati ปกติ and thammadaa ธรรมดา -as usual - normally 


  • ....มาก maak (falling tone) - a lot of, much and "VERY" .....เยอะ yer (high tone) - a lot of..

  • Mua-rai เมื่อไหร่ is the question word "use for making When...? question" weelaa - เวลา - when something happen

  • Context orposition of each word will showthe meaning

  • Some one is confusing about.. How to use ao เอา yàakอยาก and dtông gaanต้องการ the word want in Thai 1. ao เอา is commonly use for the meaning I want to have...... mostlyusingfor...

  • Many Thai learners confuse about how different between "eeng" เอง and "khondiaw" คนเดียว Kruu Wee made a video to explain : )

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