สวัสดีค่ะ ยินดีต้อนรับสู่ บทเรียนภาษาไทยกับครูวีร์นะคะ

       Kruu Wee, A professional Thai teacher 

           14 years of experience teaching Thai to foreigners.                    

                   Hello everyone! Welcome to Thai lessons with Kruu Wee!

            Kruu (teacher) wee has 14 years of experience teaching Thai to foreigners.  She started while learning method of teaching Thai to foreigners in University and continued working in Thai language schools.  Now she is teaching on-line using a systematic method.   Her objective is to make Thai language easy and fun!  

            Kruu Wee has a passion for teaching that is evident in her archive of YouTube videos.  Her methods focus on correct pronunciation, understand what student's problems are and know how to correct their pronunciation. And attention to the "student's goals". She also teaches about Thai culture, values and customs, which can be very useful for students traveling or living in Thailand.

           The lessons focus on what students "want" to know and "need" to learn depending on their "purpose" of learning such as for a relationship, work or for doing business in Thailand, relocation or retirement, tourism, or just as a hobby.  She supplements formal lessons with good friendly advice that all students should know before travel.   


               Kruu Wee believes that it is important to understand Thai culture as well as the language.  She aims to teach on many levels including Thai values, spiritual beliefs, attitudes and the personalities of Thai people. This comprehensive approach to learning Thai has earned Kruu Wee a loyal following of students.             


          Please click on Kruu Wee's lessons on the left side of this site to learn Thai from free videos on YouTube and please feel free to ask her anything you would like to know about Thai. ^-^  "    


       "Nothing is too difficult to learn" and no one is too old to learn! 

       My oldest student is 84 years old." 


                        Kruu Wee - Teacher Orrawee 
                          ครูวีร์  -  อาจารย์อรวีร์ 

    Bachelor of Liberal Arts (Thai Language - Teaching Thai to foreigners)      

                           Thammasat University (2006)


          Master of Education (Education Administration) M.Ed. (2013)


                        Diploma in Teaching Profession Grad.Dipl 

                            (Teaching Profession 2013)                                         


                                    Contact information : 
                               Email  kruuwee@gmail.com 



                    Tel : +66 624 515 414 , +66 932 963 242

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